The rainbow serpent is the creator god of the original inhabitants of Australia.  I will state that I do not like the term “Aboriginals”, since that term was coined by an Imperial British Empire to describe a group of people outside of the context they used to describe themselves.  Anyone who knows me is aware of how important self-identity is, self being the important word.

As I was looking at a globe, I realized that my knowledge of the mythologies of the Pacific Islands of Melanesia, Australia, and Hawaii are woefully lacking.  I am quite certain that there are many stories waiting to be told from those cultures.

As it stands, I did promise a friend of mine that I would write a novel about the political wars of the Kingdom of Kongo akin to King Lear, Hamlet, and Oedipus.  I wish that that the 1986 mini-series of Shaka Zulu would be re-made into something as cool as Game of Thrones, that, or Black Panther.  I would give my right arm to be involved in seeing those come to fruition in Hollywood with artistic integrity in tact.

It is time to brainstorm.



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