merci. je suis un perfectionniste, et une approche perfectionniste n’est pas toujours utile aves les langues.

OffQc | Québécois French Guide

In fact, give yourself permission to make A LOT of mistakes in French.

And if giving yourself permission to make mistakes isn’t something you do very easily, then I give you permission to make a lot of mistakes!

That voice inside your head, you know the one — the one that tells you that your accent is horrible, that you don’t know enough words, that they’re going to laugh at you… Learning to ignore that voice is just as important as getting lots of exposure to French.

I spend a lot of time with people who are learning French. I pay attention to how they go about it.

Compare these two native Spanish speakers that I once met, who were both friends —

The first one would only speak after she had run the entire sentence that she wanted to say in her head first. Then, when she spoke, she…

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