A mentally ill man named Darren Rainey was arrested for possession of cocaine and sentenced to 2 years in prison.  He defecated in his cells and didn’t clean it up, so guards locked him in a shower of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and cooked him to death.  Can you imagine how slow and excruciating that death must have been?

There are many more tails of abuse in prisons, the most horrific and most frequent, seem to be committed against men. Andrea Yates, a mentally ill woman, can drown her kids and not serve time, and a mentally ill man who was probably self-medicating, gets 2 years and cooked to death?

Is our society insane?  None of these guards have been charged or arrested.  There was not even an investigation until a new source got a hold of this story a year or two later.  

This is unacceptable.  Men are facing cruel and unusual punishment, payed for by our tax dollars, in a corrupt prison system.   They are being raped and murdered by prison guards, and meanwhile, we have liars wasting time saying women are paid 77 cents to every dollar a man makes, when the Institute of Women’s Policy Research show that, for men and women in the same profession, working the same hours, this number shrinks to 93-95 centers for every dollar.  This is only the same profession, we are not even talking about qualifications in that profession.

It makes me sick.  If more groups supposedly cared about male injustice, there would be more marches against the corrupts prison system, and cleaning it up–I guess they like the cheap labor.

The next time they do these pay gap polls, I hope they include the cents on the dollar men in prison are paid, 30% of whom are in there for being in possession for minuscule amounts drugs, or public intoxication.  While the prison population has been on the decline, you might think this means more criminals on the street, but most of these men go into prison on petty crimes and come out full-blown murders and gangsters, like a homicide finishing school.

Anyway, we need to stop the ability of prison guards to conduct cruel and unusual punishment.

While these men may not be innocent, a man in possession of cocaine, a mentally ill man who never killed a person in his life as far as is reported, did not deserve to be roasted to death, and definitely not killed without a trial of his peers, as is in the constitution.

Crap like this always seems to happen in Florida.


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