So you’re broken emotionally and physically?

The chances of a savior coming to rescue you: 0.001%.

If you are a man, most women despise your weakness.  They loath it.  On a primal, survival level, what did a weak man mean 20,000 years ago?  A man that could not provide resources to take care of her and her offspring meant death.  You are walking death.  Social and material resources are similar, and if you have neither, you might as well be invisible.  Certainly, our wonderful, modern society means this is no longer true, but the industrial revolution and social welfare state do not nullify the evolutionary history of our brains.

Most women despise weak men.  No one is coming to save you.  You must save yourself.

Get up and dust yourself off.  I know television and movies have lied to you, but it is time to put all that behind.  Attraction is either there, or it is not.  Little to zero women wake up and suddenly realize they are in love with the nice guy they sidelined 20 years to chase the challenges.  If you are a challenge, she will nag you so much that you will wish you were dead, and as soon as you are not a challenge, she will get bored and leave for the next one.  You do not believe me?  Go find out for yourself, and never return.

Thomas Edison said designing the lightbulb had 1,000 steps.  You will fail.  This is also reality.  However, you will always be a failure if you never try.

You will survive being a disappointment to each and every person surrounding you, but being a disappointment to yourself: that is what is truly at stake.

The war is within, and as soon as you understand that no one else has lived what you have lived and seen what you have seen, you will begin to stop caring about their opinions of what they have never known.  Your compass will align, and your truth will solidify.  As soon as you allow people to make you question your truth, you will lose both their respect as well as your own.

You walk alone.  Respect the power in that.  Some might join for a time, but your path is yours alone, and no one can take that burden, only temporarily make it heavier, or lighter, but always temporarily.  Make the most of what remains.  If it is of quality, then quality is what you will leave behind, and no one should ever be ashamed of that, even if that quality can only be appreciated by you alone.

How many people have died depressed and penniless only to find renown after death?  Love yourself now.  Who cares what others think?  Others have not been very reliable in recognizing value, and I do not expect them to be for the rest of time.  You must see it for yourself, while never being so blind as to think failure defines you, as much as other people’s faults do not define them.

When you do not see a mirror of yourself in every other thing in existence, then are truly lost.  Use your power responsibly, or not.  In the end, does it matter?


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