At 11, I learned of hatred in love

At 15, I saw bodies sold in search of love

At 18, I discovered selfishness masked by love

At 21, I reprieved human faults for love

At 27, I realized love never existed

My eternal, romantic soul drowns daily, each second

Stop writhing and accept it, like a man

Every donation and sympathy comes from some part of the ego

Who are we to pretend?

So while you lose yourself in fantasy

I alone am free

No one will understand you completely

You came alone, you are alone, you die alone

Depending on how you see such a word

You can be alone in a room full of people

You can be alone with family

You can be alone with friends

You can be alone with yourself

That restlessness to not hear silence

Is the unknown approaching

Once you accept that you do not even love yourself

Your search is complete

You can go on to realize that there is no point

The endless expanse widens

In hundreds of billions of years, our universe will grow cold

And quantum oscillations will see it reborn

You will not be remembered

You never were

You always were

You always will be nothing

And nothing marches on.


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