With smoldering hate, through regrets I escape,
As seeds force away earth, violently tense
Regrets I’m early regrets I’m too late
Prophylactic parries stifle all sense.

Too proud to orbit, for I am the sun,
Violence saves, so push when compassion sways
Countless battles lost for each that was won,
Violent collisions end with peaceful haze.

Spilt blood fertilizing still more to come
Passive unbalanced, chaos not yet done,

Force nurtures, holding all fabrics as one,
Time and energy, love’s transposition.



Sometimes you have to violently force people out of the way, so they don’t hurt themselves, or others. Aggression is neither good nor bad, but depending on how wielded, can be seen as either.

The same is true of regrets. Regrets are like an unwanted visitors in which you can escape, learn valuable lessons, or accept to be aligned with your ever changing path of life, coming and going as no more an unwanted visitor than yourself.


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