Stumbling, I turned to face my pursuer
She stabbed my shoulder, just missing the heart
I admired the elegant dagger
Feeling surprise by pain that did not start

Shocked unearthed knowledge prompted this response
Where I sought truth, her hand hesitated
Now raised for a more accurate advance
Eyes locked, everything communicated

I suddenly stopped running, stopped fighting
Debating one last retaliation
Yet wanted it through, so lied still waiting,
Heart fully exposed, accepting it done

She painfully restored my soul, appeased,
Said strength in vulnerability freed.


Outrunning Compassion’s Maiden

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re running from, until it catches up with you.

I can outrun many things, but should I, even if I want to? Forever is a long time, and just because you can do something, does not always mean you should.

Still, the maiden of compassion haunting my dreams is a bitch I want to tell to go to hell, yet miss every second she’s gone.

At least she doesn’t stab you in the back. You see it coming, and she swears it’s for your own good.

Compassion does not always take no for an answer. Compassion (Compati) in Latin is ‘co-suffering’. But I’ll only believe, ‘This hurts me more than it hurts you,’ so many times.


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