Corporeal limbs flow free in mid-flight
As mind stagnates, the spirit held in chains
Festering unyielding ideas, choking tight
Congealed, implacable rust iron veins

Starving, true love wanes in torpid disdain
Convictions peel away, miasmas ooze
Trembling to be tamed, uncontented, feign
Warmth, for malcontent growth could mean to lose

Bleeding spirit groans in search of freedom
Untended, un-mended, stubborn, sullen
Thistles repel love, hate, and expansion
In distortions that leave chasms barren

Unchallenged delusions thrive and divide
Too sequestered to live, fearful to die


If you knew today was your very last, how would you spend it?

Imprisoned within yourself, or doing everything you were too afraid to do?

Do not bring money into this. I know, deep in your heart, there are things that do not require money that you are still keeping yourself from. Ask yourself, why? Not the reason you give everyone else, but the real reason….

Face it, overcome it, be afraid, yet more afraid not to grow…even if you fail.


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