Intense, depth of intellect
Dark and dangerous,
With eyes that challenge and enthrall my stone heart
Back to fiery inspired life

Maniac eyes that see right through me
As if she were going to kill me at any second
Or ravage me
But either way she’d let me rip off her clothes
And hurl her to the ground
For the thrill
With little worry for fabric or bruises

Because she knows she has left a bruise or two
As stamps of passion on men’s hearts

I believe in little, but
I’m convinced women like her
No longer exist

Men do not know what they are missing
But I am glad she is mine

All mine

Eyes flashing
Seducing me with dance

I hope to never wake
I hope it never ends

And if she finds herself on my doorstep
As a dare, or in curiosity,
Time itself could not contain
Flames that burned to be born again

As the world fell away
And it was only her
And I


Melted Key

Eyes like floodlights
Cut trivialities
Uncover substance
Do your best
Do your worst

If I am a part of you
How can I disguise
Even while trying
To fight the extraction
You know it’s not fair

Egyptians knew the heart
Did not belong in a canopic jar

No matter how distorted the key
It’s in our hands


I’d rather wait eternity
With memories
With dreams
Than betray what I’ve know
What I’ve felt
For less

If we are always together in heart
Then I am never alone

Your smile is prison
Your gaze cuts through time
Sees me now
Seizes me now

How many times
And how much can one person love
Before one’s heart breaks
From the strain?

A mortal coil,
Full of great joy and sorrow
Can snap, can collapse
Impact, negative,
Happily devoid of feeling
Happily hollow

Removed in solitude
Living in dreams
Hidden from self

For my sanity
I melted both keys.

Nothing remains
Except past, present, future.

If you dare
Work your magic magician,
But you’ll find no tools here.
Besides a retired spectator,

Besides your ingenuity,
And perhaps a bit of luck
To retrieve the love
I exiled

Surprise me

Even Ali had a comeback

Humans love a good
Resurrection story


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