I killed part of me, it struggled for life
Viciously, such blood, but my hands were clean
Long run done, faced my antagonist’s strife
Revealed, no longer afraid of truth seen

Strangled the shame and demanded my peace
Towering in anger, subduing struggle.
The creature grew limbs, hindering its decease
Accepting my freedom, regrets subtle

I gave all and took it back to be whole
Reticent to look, I killed all that used
To love me, that now did not, heart and soul,
And all that ever would, power, cursed.

Haunting undertone of pain, a promised
Liturgy of mantras continue on
I, mostly untouched, though I sacrificed
The specter of heart, sacrificial fawn,

Incense, I wait to be consumed in phase,
Stay to kill and keep throwing back to blaze


What is the most you would sacrifice for peace, strength, or power? Is sacrificing self the ultimate win, lose, draw, or something else entirely?


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