This scene is beautifully informative to the smallest detail. The set designers, writers, and actors, especially Brad Pitt, do a good job. Why you might ask?

Johnny Suede (1991) – I Don’t Love You

#1: Waning Emotions

Before she even says anything, you can tell that she is not feeling him anymore.  A woman’s heart moves on one week to one month before she actually musters up the courage to articulate the words to you in person.

The tells here are that she got up and did not even save him any tea or crackers. A woman in love would get tea and crackers, and make sure to share her portion, or to make enough for the two of you. That would be an interest level in the 7-9 range. This is 2-4 range behavior, in that she does not even take energy to feign being sorry for being rude.

#2: Pining away for inconsiderate jerks, ie. Nice guys finish last

She is looking at a picture her abusive ex took of her. Not all, but most women crave a man with edge to keep life interesting. If women hate one thing, it’s boredom, and that is predictable nice guy to a tee. When Johnny (Pitt) jokingly points out the incongruence in frame between her emotions and logic, you see her disdain come out in another shit test, “I can’t believe you said that.”

She can’t believe he said, what? The truth? This is the most classic of shit tests. Johnny could turn it around here and agree-and-amplify, not breaking his joking frame, and say, “I have a lot more to say, but you should get over here and kiss me to shut me up.” See this? It’s playful, and it gets her out of negative frame. You don’t want to circle the bitchy-red-eye of doom to serious ville. Instead, Johnny apologizes, which is the worst you can do with this particular type of shit test.

Now that she has negative respect plummeting even lower than before, she is now certain. She dumps him.

Women care about looks, but this is also an example that looks will only get you so far.

Keep women, and your friends, out of negative frame, or use your judgement to decide how long you want them to stay there before you turn it around.

They will love you for it, and want to see more of you.

If this is the kind of advice you like to read and hear, feel free to write me more suggestions. I’ll be honest though, I prefer giving advice to men, because I feel that there is a sad lack of strong, male role models in the media today.

Just being a man nowadays makes you into an instant villain, and I am not going to help people, no matter color or gender, who automatically put me in a box as a second class citizen because of the way I look, speak, or dress.

I can’t wait to find like-minded guys in the city I moved to and discuss things like this. I have broken the shackles of SIMP, will never go back, and only get annoyed by men who exhibit that behavior, or act as if appearances mean I do not know what the hell I am talking about.

They have their bed. They deserve to lie in it.


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