Stuck Leopard Spots

                                                          You cannot go forward

                                        You cannot go back

You cannot go up

You cannot go down

I have three wishes


Wherever we are
Whoever we are

In-the-moment mirth
No holding back
Or hiding
But only in that moment.

I have only known pain
Accompanying professions of love:
Lovers, parents, and even love of self
For what is self?
What is perfection?
What is nothing?

It never lasted
Or turned expectation
To truest horror

I ask one favor:
Never fall in love with me
Or at the very least,
Never say the word

Words are empty

And you will have my devotion
Beyond all words and labels

You will last for me, constant
In an ever-changing sea of faces
I will run away from them all,
Yet yours will not frighten me

For a sack of muscle and nerves
Connecting my brain and eyes
That some call heart,
Which countless more claim I possess not

Though lacking and stunted as it might be
It will make room for you
As long you want,
Only as long as you desire:
No locks
No doors
No time

As long as I am here
Wherever here is
And you never claim to love me

To regurgitate drama
Normally accompanying
Such empty words

Anything worth feeling
Cannot be spoken
So why wish it
Just feel

Translation instantaneous

You neither moved forward
Or back

Everything is
Exactly where you are
In exactly every moment

Not perfect, yet


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