I could say I love you
If motions did not vacillate
Oscillating strings of everything

I prefer words
Meant years from now
And thousands years past

Few love thus

So I utter words
None understand

Can you hear the rhythmic
Beating of the cosmos
Permeating all?

Source of my love

As it changes,
Remains true, faithful,


Most free
Most fearsome
Most consuming
Most giving

You can dive
Relinquish all
Yet emerge dry
Of any expectation
No end

Few hear the rhythm
And love thus
Tragedy of our existence


And so as I love
Something is lost in
Modern translation

In search of a woman
Who hears the same rhythm
With her soul

Knows ties and binds
Free as air
Renewable as always
Deep as longing

Past void
In silence
In death
In life
In all


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