I returned to the co-op
With flowers, after our magical
Evening together.
Her roommates said
She disappeared.
Packed everything
In early morning
Left without goodbye
The only thing left
Was her favorite purple bag.
Her roommate handed it to me
It was empty.
Her phone was disconnected.
Apparently she had to move
To pursue her career,
And her happiness.
My presence
Helped her learn this,
But it was only one
Magical evening together.
And now,
I’d never see her again.
I was being selfish,
But I’d still miss her.
I felt a fatherly protection,
Misplaced, perhaps,
Transferred, from loves past.
I hope she gets in touch,
One day
To let me know she is
Safe and happy.
One day,
One year,
Ten years,
A part of me
Will be waiting.
The Prodigal Son
Was always a favorite
Of mine
I hope she flourishes
Without me
But just in case
Just in case—
I still wonder
Why she left
Her favorite bag?
Why was it empty?
Did she leave it for me
To find her later,
After she found herself?
Old chapters close
New ones begin
She’ll be back
If and when
She’s meant to be


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