I want you all to cultivate healthy human relationships of all kinds. I find, in the world of social media, actual, quality friendships are eroding. People disappear for months or years, only to re-appear when they need something.

To help curb this bad behavior, as well as help people spend their limited time of life wisely cultivating healthy friendships through closeness, sharing, and allowing acquaintances who only use fall by the way-side, here is a table of Aristotelian virtues.

Now, I more than anyone, known Aristotle was a Hellenist with racist views, who believed some were born to rule and some born to be slaves. This does not mean we must throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you spend time nurturing relationships with people who possess, or are working to possess, these traits, you will have a rich and happy life. If you would rather not, then, at least you are exercising an informed free will.



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