Each breath stained ritual
Mixing sacred and profane,
Toward mortality

Now I, go we, go
Protestations in prostrations
Blind and bind not,
Tenably hold,

Time, wind to each candle
Forgotten, cold

Flickering darkness
Dreamed each moment

Smoke clinging to shadow

Hoping for more than a glimmer
But ’tis all we get

Held flicker of promise
Lifetime glimpse

Perfect instant
Blink not, nor forget

Gone on arrival
Your eternity missed

Grieve not
Seize now,

Forever searching
What’s always there

Strength held
Courage released
Grief wallowed yet
Somehow peace

All in the instant
Risen cycle
Unfinished and complete

We met, we go, we meet
Until again dear friend
We sleep.


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