Pink underbelly of jade
Veins of green and rose
Blush to flush barren, dry
Earth beauty enraptures
Ensnares all my senses
Pulls me near
The only life-giving haven
Amidst desolate and
Fallow wasteland

Under the swelling
Perennial life petals
With the promise to
Envelop me in your
Most rare grace
All the days of
My fragile life
I recoil at the cost
Extracted for the privilege
To take you home,
Reminded of my
Unworthiness effete
I am forced to retreat

Cues of bright yellows and reds,
Approach to gain their turn
To misdirect my head
As I yearn to flourish once again
The necropolis of my heart
Back to blooming garden

I turn the loud colors
Over in my hands,
Realizing the bargain
Seeds are barren
And hollow, dry with neglect
To bloom at most
One year.
All the water in the world
Cannot satiate their parched spirit

Their distant beauty
Hides approaching horror
Milady, I recoil at the cost
Of their impending death that
Takes without give,
Until we both perish unfulfilled
I back away.

Perennial desires
And annual illusions
The cost of extraction
Too high
I retreat to
Baren wasteland

Annual infertility
Or perennial bliss
Constant potential


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