I searched, I search
Turning on the dance floor
Some exit to return
Others dance no more

I crawled before I walked
To run to the dance floor
Some saved me a dance or two
Some rudely rebuffed adieu

We clasped and we swayed
On the twirling dance floor
Couples parade to music,
Some still and some no more

It seemed to last forever
The whirling dance floor
Or at least we wished it
In solipsistic youth

We mirrored and laughed
On the dance floor
Until we realized
Our rhythms misaligned

In the mirrored walls
Her dress, white muslin,
Who understood from afar
My unique movements in time and song

I did not reach her
Before the next turn
So I now remain, on the dance floor
My body vigorous, my spirit now lame

I am trapped on the dance floor
Turning with partners
I can never truly see and
Who will never be the same

The dance floor is my prison
Its gaiety a ruse
I’ve seen her ugly visage-
No bride for me awaits.

Only my tomb
And the dance floor


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