My body aches as I can only imagine
The pain of opioid withdrawal-

Oh, I overdosed on the bliss of love.

Locking myself away for a decade

Will not render solace
To this universal pain

When I wake, I think of her, and
When I sleep, I see her
So near yet so far-

So many have drowned in love
In search or escape.

Great urban halls littered with needles and pipes
Of pierced flesh, burned lips, and hearts of ash

Lost in the rivers of hope and despair
Always new, always more, always there.

My mind plays tricks naturally
In the watery depths of this reality-
No two alike.

I need no poppy plants to induce my haze.
My reality is ablaze

With natural wonder and dreamy stars

Of a million’s gaze
Discovering each moment as a new borne babe

And overtime our skins touch.
I am reborn
And I know myself more deeply

From the privilege of knowing her

Some will call me a fool, but I remember the first time I saw her,
And the first time she broke my heart.

I am caught between the two
Constantly growing to be near
And far-

What can mend what was once broken?


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