When we enter the hall
Where billions roam
To live to die
To die to live

To dream-

I see her.


For we are as united walking
The physical realms of earth
Of flesh and blood

As dreams of the 12th house-
Enter unconscious eternity.

She wears her Ojibwa clothing
And there is a chasm between us

What might as well be an infinity.

She and her tribe
In body, mind, and spirit
Prepare for a sacred hunt-

In unison, I watch the harmony of her skin,
The same color as parched earth,
Drum an unknowable rhythm
I cannot follow
But they all know.

Hum a tune
I cannot hum.

See a prey
I cannot see.

Dance a dance
Silent to me-

Together as one.

It is here I realize dreams are cultural

And I am

Not with mine,

I am alone-

And can never be understood-

At least not here…



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