If we could all start using “external condemns” and “internal condemns” instead of “male and female condemns”, that would be fantastic. I’ve been lazy in the past, and used older terminology, so the effort is what counts most. Any and all use of these terms is a win.

Also, birthing centers are for people who give birth. It’s actually fairly simple, with no more, or perhaps less, syllables to utter. It also doesn’t reduce people to their reproductive potential, or genitals. This serves both the trans* and TERF community, so both sides should have zero issue with such terminology, unless they’re trolling, which is not uncommon. If you have practical and applicable alternatives, I’m all ears.

I’ve seen too many road blocks without solutions in the LGBTQ+ community. If you have valid criticisms, and offer practical solutions, you’ll help educate all of us. Otherwise, you appear as if nothing will ever be acceptable. There’s been enough Stonewalling to set the community back half a century on all sides…






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