Dreams of Turtle Island

When we enter the hall Where billions roam To live to die To die to live To dream- I see her.   For we are as united walking The physical realms of earth Of flesh and blood As dreams of the 12th house- Enter unconscious eternity. She wears her Ojibwa clothing And there is a chasm … Continue reading Dreams of Turtle Island


Consummatum est

Omnia mutantur Amor vincit omnia- Nihil interit Une journée, une vie L'amour est toujours vainqueur- Tout change, rien ne meurt Everything changes So let go. Love conquers all- Nothing perishes Consummatum est « Tout est accompli. » De facto. Quid habes, quod habes quaerit What you lack, find in what you have Ce qui te … Continue reading Consummatum est