LGBTQ Youth Foster Home

While in NYC, I met the coolest woman who opened her home to foster LGBTQ youth. All I can say is, I love children, I personally understand parental emotional abandonment, abandoned child syndrome, and I hope to one day settle down and start a family with someone who both understands and is willing to open … Continue reading LGBTQ Youth Foster Home


Controlling Bleeding In An Emergency

10/04/2017 I am taking a basic EMT certification class. Due to the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, New York is making sure it has the emergency protocols and trainings in place should something unthinkable happen. So, I showed up to class, and now I'm in the news, showing the use of tourniquets, and pressure dressings. … Continue reading Controlling Bleeding In An Emergency


The noble eightfold path wheel of dharma is the traditional symbol of Buddhism. Zen Buddhism is a very unique philosophy/religion. I had a dream that the symbol of Zen, instead of the enso, was the letter Z. Perhaps this only works in certain languages (Japanese, English, French, etc). Either way, I dreamt of the letter … Continue reading Symbols


Men who identify as "Men Who Have Sex With Men" (MSM) are overlapping, but separate and distinct from men who identify as "gay". First, let's put aside the confusion that a person who identifies as a woman who sleeps with people who identify as women could also be considered "gay", and stick with people who identify … Continue reading MSM